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Our well-rounded offering is designed to provide students with a full martial arts experience.

We believe that the benefits of martial arts go beyond physical fitness and self-defense. Our program is designed to instill values such as respect, perseverance, and humility in our students, which they can apply in their daily lives. As a result, our students not only become skilled martial artists but also responsible and well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to their communities. – Grand Master Raphael Velez, Founder of LFMA

Lakeridge Martial Arts Students Weaponry


Our martial arts program includes various forms, each with its unique techniques and movementsthat simulate a fight against imaginary opponents. Each form has its unique techniques, strikes, kicks, and blocks that are performed in a particular sequence. Forms help martial artists develop muscle memory, improve coordination, and refine their technique. They also help practitioners learn how to control their breathing, focus their mind, and maintain balance. Our experienced instructors will guide you through each form, ensuring you master the required skills and techniques.

Lakeridge Martial Arts Students Weaponry


Board breaking is a traditional practice in martial arts that involves breaking a board using various techniques. Our board breaking class is designed to help students improve their focus, concentration, and physical strength. Our experienced instructors will teach you the proper techniques and guide you through the process of breaking boards, from choosing the right board to understanding the physics behind it. This class is perfect for students who want to challenge themselves and take their martial arts skills to the next level.

Lakeridge Martial Arts Students Weaponry


Our sparring class is designed to allow children to practice their martial arts skills in a safe and controlled environment. Children will learn the fundamental rules of sparring, including how to respect their opponent, control their movements, and use proper techniques. These sparring sessions are an excellent way for children to build confidence and self-esteem while also improving their martial arts skills. Our experienced instructors know how to create a fun and supportive environment that will help children develop their skills and feel comfortable sparring with others.

Lakeridge Martial Arts Students Weaponry


Our traditional weaponry class teaches students how to use traditional martial arts weapons, such as swords, nunchucks, and staffs. This class is designed to help students improve their coordination and concentration, as well as their physical strength. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the proper techniques for each weapon and help you master the skills required to use them effectively. Whether you are looking to challenge yourself or learn more about traditional martial arts, our weaponry class is a great opportunity to develop your skills and enhance your overall martial arts training.

Unleashing the power within, one kick at a time.

Grand Master Raphael Velez, Founder of Lakeridge Family Martial Arts

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ATSDU Membership

Our school is a member of the American Tang Soo Do Union and it’s a distinction that we carry with great pride.

American Tang Soo Do Union
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions are here but don’t hesitate to contact us if your question is not here.

How much and do I need to sign a contract?

No Contract! Our prices are the lowest in the area.

Are any classes age-specific?

Children start around 4 y/o. Classes are all together; therefore, children can associate with the adults and learn social skills. In addition, families can train together.

How long have you been training and teaching?

GM Velez has been training since 1973 and teaching since 1980.

Is any Instructor CPR and First Aid certified?

Yes, certified for two years as a health care worker.

What can Tang Soo Do teach my child or adult?

Through intensive mental and physical training; Tang Soo Do nurtures harmony between mind and body. The ultimate goal of Tang Soo Do is character development and its practice improve self-discipline, commitment, self-confidence, self-control, integrity and respect.

What is Tang Soo Do?

It is a traditional Korean Martial Arts vs Taekwondo, is a Korean Sport Karate.

Do you have a bullying and conflict
resolution specialist or program?

GM Velez is a mental Health Therapist with 25 years in the field ; therefore, conflict resolution is something taught at our school.

What is your staff’s education and training?

All adult staff are professionals in their active careers (Military, Attorney, Electrical Engineer, High School, Forensic Psychology, etc.) Therefore, many of them have a Master Degree with Bachelor Degree being the minimum.

comes first

Our families-first approach is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that parents want the best for their children, and that’s why we strive to provide a safe, supportive, and fun environment where children can learn and grow. We believe that martial arts is not just about learning self-defense or physical skills, but also about developing character and instilling important values that will stay with your child for life. That’s why we take a holistic approach, focusing not only on martial arts training, but also on personal development, social skills, and academic success. When you join our program, you become part of our family, and we are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

 All Ages

We emphasize the importance of self-defense and fitness in our martial arts training.

Self-Defense Focus

We emphasize the importance of self-defense and fitness in our martial arts training.

Qualified Instructors

Our qualified instructors are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals.

Convenient Location

Convenient location, making it easy for families to attend classes regularly.

Empowering minds, strengthening bodies, building character.

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